About Us

Meet the precision of our gauges…

Pro G Engineering is a young but experienced brand. For many years, it has been working as a subcontractor for numerous leading measuring devices manufacturers , gaining extensive knowledge and broad experience in design and production. Due to constant improvements of our solutions, we are now able to offer the highest-quality products at competitive prices, without saving on production and components they are made of.

Pro G Engineering products are carefully designed and manufactured at the top quality level. Before they are officially sold, all devices undergo exhaustive testing in our laboratories in order to ensure precision, reliability and durability.

The company’s aim is to create high-precision, technically-advanced devices in a simple form.

Pro G Engineering meters

Thanks to its broad experience, Pro G Engineering company was able to create various types of car gauges. Each of them is characterized by high-quality production and their components are imported from Japan which ensures precise and stable functioning. Comparative tests conducted with leading manufacturers of gauges available on the market indicated extremely high precision and unique work culture.

Pro G Engineering offers much more than precision and quality. Gauge design is based on readability and applied materials, making gauges look elegant in every car. Gauge backlight is chosen on the basis of the one applied by car manufacturers, which is why they form a coherent form with the standard gauges used in vehicles.